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Just a post in english

It’s time to write for a great audience ( i hope so)
that’s why this post is in english.
I don’t like to write on my blog in english and maybe someone could think: “you’re just stupid
if you think could write in english as well as in italian”.

My goal it’s to make some linguistics experiments and i would like to start right now
because it’s the right time.

September is coming and it’s time to start a new adventure abroad.
This time my adventure it’s about the EVS project.
After the signature of the contract on 26 july, i didin’t think
to anything else for an entire month.
A new challenge it’s coming and it could be a great one.
finally, someone didin’t say, like someone else during my period in Milan,
“You’re not good to start to work for our company.”
maybe the right phrase would have been: ” You couldn’t be used to work as slave for us”.

That’s the way entreprises, work agencies and all this damned country call Italy
think about all the graduated guys and it’s all over the world the same

Anyway, i need a fresh re-start after my experience as a trainee teacher in Turkey
and the period of “what could i do in my life?” of the last year.
Every changes is for short time, i know that, i am not worried about.
I just want to see the world with new eyes every day.
Feel the cultural changes, enjoy new cultures ( before they could vanishes forever)
and improve my friend’s network not just with facebook.

Today’s rough seas take me away to a misterious horizons
closer waters were troubled
but the further ones appear easier.

Una risposta a "Just a post in english"

  1. Caro Fabio, quanto tempo. Che meraviglia leggerti e respirare quell’aria oceanica che sfiora le banchine ex socialiste poste nel lungomare di Aspra. Dobbiamo chiedere grazie al cielo, per la tua bontà, per l’astuta precisione del tuo morale lavoro. Anche se quando il sole di Aspra risplende forte, e poveri venditori di pesce nelle isole Cook affrontano il mare, nella notte, nella tempesta, in te il tempo si dilata, e tutto si ferma, e nel silenzio delle tredici e trenta, il dito di un bidello dello scientifico scandisce il tempo di una V D che sogna mondi lontanissimi.


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