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Lost in translation

The aweking make the difference.
If you wake up full of energies ( imposibile after a crazy drinking night)
you feel you can do anything well and life smile at you even if is brutal as someone say.
In my case, i always wake up in the middle of the night with noising mosquitos.
Like an earthquake, they come at 3:30 of the night, shakering your head and yours senses.
After i’ve killed 2-3 of them, i come back to sleep.

At 8 it’s time to wake up.
Coffee is ready.
I’m addicteted to coffee but this one is like water for me.
I call it ” Octopus’s water”-“Acqua i puippu”
After that, i spent 5 minutes to wake up, to explain the octopus’s water how does it look like,
take a shover, kill  moquitos and go to work.
At the work i just talk the easiest english never spoken.
the owner of the daily center knows everthyng about my activities.
There  is not  important what sould i really do, the main point is, as the owner explain me: “Talk,talk, talk… Speak, speak,speak!”.
It’s not important how i talk, how good is my english or what kind of activities i’m going to do with children,
The point is to talk. They don’t want to understand you, but you have to talk.
They explain you how does the game works ( in polish) you will answer in english or in italian as well.
It’s a normal thing, when you start to learn a different language you also start to learn the bad words.
The first one impress me “Curva” is referred to a bitch as well in the middle of a phrase how to give more enphasis
to the expression. In italian is like “cazzo” also rude as that, but the difference is that you don’t say curva to a girl but to a turn of a way. also, if you say “suka” to a girl is like to call her bitch and it looks like a well known sicilian expression “suca” or 800a could be compared to the english “fuck” but i think is stronger.
After all that speak, you’ll go to the most famous shop in the city; “BIEDRONKA”, “coccinella in  it. ladybug in  en.” as important as the city center.
and there you’ll find some “Conamore” condoms and say: “Thanks to suggest me how to use” just like an english condom name “With Love”.
I know my country is difficult to understand, even here is so difficult and hard to say “WłOCHY” as difficult to explain why is called in this way.
And finally, when i get bored and stay in boredom, in italian i say “noia” but in polish is more interesting because the word “NUDA” remind me an image of a naked(why not beautiful) girl and, off couse, that one is not boring!
For the moment it’s all, see you at the next awakening or budzenie!.


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