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Warsaw’s report

Foggy night. Wake up at 6am.
Today we’re going to Warsaw for the meeting.
It’s time to leave this little anonymus city
and start an adventure in the capital city.
In the bus at 7 there are just sleeping people, students and strange people
like “Jack Sparrow” an inusual police-drunk man that is going to start his work in Wroclaw.
He talk so much, mixing english and polish drinking beer and laughing loudly.
He’s obesessed by Vika, always turning his head to talk with her and seen if she’s awake.
I stopped him saying: ” Please, let her alone!”
He undesrtands that she was my girlfriend and became happy saying:”Lovily jobly?”
Now Jack he’s gone but after 10 minutes he call me 5 times just to tell me ” Have a good trip”

After 6 hours of train, metro and bus to Kostancin we are now in the meeting hotel.
I’m exausted but i’m going out with the other voulenteers to take a beer somewhere.

First day: I wake up at 10 missing the breakfast.
My brain doesn’t work well if i don’t get any caffeine but i try to be active as well.
I feel confused for the strange games to energize the group.
We are sitting togheter laying on the other’s back composing a circle and
a guy passing and leave the chair where we are sitting.
After 30 seconds, the circle collapse and everybody’s hurt.
My goal is to make a video about this game and about the others activities
before the coffee’s break, the lunch and the dinner.
Most of the day pass collecting materials for the project, writing, talking and eating.
At the end of the day, we decide to energize the group composing a queue of people
drinking beer. The first that fall win another beer or vodka to drink.
Second day: I, Madalena, Aneul, Yucel and
Maria are involved in a project called: “Imagination SPA”
All the partecipants as to play a different character every 5 minutes and have to explain the
purpose of the play in a surreal way.
The exercise will allow to free your immagination and body’s mouvements.
We start to imagine that when we were in Broadway and we were famous dancers, then love’s come
and i get pregnat twice; two beautiful monkeys were born from the divine union but i decide to move to Sicily.
After that I reborn again and this time i was the president of the United states of the other’s room table.
As a powerful man, i decide to buy the famous cake’s Maria from the Turkey’s president Yucel.
All those people lived in the states with Anoul’s secretary and planned the mission to Mars.
Mars it located under the stairs of the laundry’s room. It’s Pink and the only form’s of life were
a laundry, a drying reck and a poster in polish for the instructions called “instrukcje”.
Third day: This time our mission is the conquest of the Warsaw’s university.
The plan is aarrive at the university and occupied the professor’s room.
Copernicus show us the the topic of the day: “Mars is just underground’s level of Warsaw”
Professors, students and people feel confused about our Copernican’s revolution
professed by the famous turkish b-movie’s director Yucel and the serbian journalist Denis.
The french journalist tevenzh had collected much interviews about people that pretend
have seen Mars also in the professor’s room of Warsaw’s university
but people prefer not to talk about this hidden truth.
Fourth day:
Our results are shown to the audience.
Most people are confused and don’t really believe in our reality.
Thanks to the ucranian historical professor Sergei people are more concerned about
the process of discovering new strange reality during the centuries and how the professors
have hidden this reality.
To celebrate this great discover, all the voulenteers are inveted in the disco room
of the hotel where there will be the final celebration.
Special guests the “Spice voulenteer Girls” and the mambo number 5.
Unfortunately, the martian inhabitants of the hotel were really disapponted
about our celebration and, thanks to the hotel professors, stopped the music and the celbration
for the good of the planet hotel Kostancin.
The last day is time to say goodbye to everyone.
Professors, martians, tutors and voulenteers are sad
but life continue and others new increbile discovers will be in the next neeting.


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