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Saint joseph’s day

19 marzo.
Primavera alle porte, tempo che si riscalda e si preparano belle giornate.
Si prepara un rito antico pagano di fine ciclo, la vampa di San Giuseppe.

The flames of Saint Joseph are real bonfire pyramid that are
carried out each year on the eve of the 19th of March.
The origin of the tradition is very ancient, connected with purification rituals of fire
and coincides with the spring equinox, as a form of good wishes for the end of winter.
The use of fire is related to ancient traditions that are lost in the mists of time
and that have to do with the worship of the sun, but also with concepts of magic, which give the fire a purifying function, able to ward off evil forces.
The fire ritual is, today, an offering to the holy’s favours.
The significance of the rite became christian and is assimilated by popular religion.

Burn it down winter
Spring is coming
but here just snow
on the way
we need to wait, just wait
a new shining sun
over the white sands around.

Here the ritual is connected to Marzanna
But there is always the purification of a fire.


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