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A banquet in the forest

It’s time to go for you, enjoy the trip  and see you next time.
Before you go, let’s go eating in the middle of the forest.
A lovely banquet that Parkowa goddess
inspired by the hidden Spring
has prepared for us.
Mr president will be there with all the people around.
Don’t say anything to mr old guy, he will be drunk or,
let’s say, too much inspired to be in a good mood.
The Short Elf has arrived just to tell us the importance
of the politics; No way! We are not interested about this
dirty stupid game.
I need “inspiracja” by the bystanders.
A volunteer inspiration for language game as we play
in the theater drama.
“Na zdrowie!” my dear Roxane.
I want to get lost in your deep blue eyes
and dance with all the drunks”Bachantki”
let’s steal love for one night, it’s the best way to “operating”.
No właśnie!” parlo italiano cara!
Mi piace tutto e le castagne.
“Po prostu Amore” è il mio motto e anche quello della fiat.
Mais quand je me reveille je suis toujours seul et sans amour!
AH! la belle vie! Sans amour, sans souci, sans problems!

“Joder! Es tarde, me voy !!”
It’s time to back to the reality and probably
go to the toilet, or better, go to the place
where the king go on foot.
The king is disapered kidnapped
by the army of the big mosquitos
along the river in a stormy night
of late May.
Por que no te callas?
We need to listen the voice
of the Nature…
But how can we do
if all around is just

Po Staremu, old stupid story!
Let me see you next time
Now EROS it’s lost somewhere near here
and BACCHUS will be in Sułów canoeing.


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